Workplace Organization (5S) eLearning Course

Workplace Organization (5S) eLearning Course

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In this 45-minute online course, you will learn how to use the 5S Process to create a safe, clean, well-organized, and high performance workplace. Following the 5S Process will lead to reductions in safety incidents caused by a disorderly workplace, reductions in quality defects, improvements in delivery speeds, increased on-time delivery rates, and a reduction in needless inventory.


Workplace Organization (5S)

Length: 45 minutesComplexity: Standard

Before a site establishes Workplace Organization and 5S principles, products, materials, tool, and inventory litter the shop floor leading to a lot of wasted time trying to locate the tools and materials operators need to do their job well. A disorganized site leads to wasted time, effort, and inventory, and increases the risk of slips, trips, falls, and other injuries.


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