Video: Create a New Project in Adobe Captivate 7

Video: Create a New Project in Adobe Captivate 7

This first video in the series explains how to create a new project in Adobe Captivate 7.  This is a very simple process, with one major consideration.


  1. Launch Adobe Captivate 7
  2. Click File > New Project > Blank Project.  A popup window appears.
  3. Enter the width and height of the project.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click the “Save” icon.

Easy peasy.

The one major consideration has to do with the width and height of the project.  You want to make sure that these settings are ideal for your target audience.  To ensure this simply access a device that has the same settings as your target audience (i.e., computer, operating system, screen resolution, and internet browser).  And launch this link, which will tell you the space you have available for the elearning inside the browser window.

Browser Interior Window Dimensions Calculator

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That about does it.  If you have any questions or comments, please share by commenting in the blog thread.   Otherwise, I’ll catch you later.


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