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Free eLearning Application for Foreign Languages

My wife and I are long overdue for a return trip to Europe so we booked a nice extended stay in France and Italy.  Not wanting to be stereotypical Americans, we opted to brush up on our French and Italian.  Instead of dropping a few hundred on Rosetta Stone, we did some digging and found an awesome free foreign language elearning website and iPhone application (Android app coming end of May, 2013) called –

Duolingo Screenshot

This is a fantastic example of elearning and mobile elearning with game-based quizzes that grow in difficulty as your skill level increases, a social media component via Facebook, and well integrated feedback and discussion forums for ongoing improvement and community support.

I could ramble on, but I’d recommend just taking 5 minutes and checking it out.  It’s rather addicting and a great complement to all the Italian podcasts I do when on the road.

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