How to Scope an eLearning Project

How to Scope an eLearning Project

How to Scope an eLearning Project

Before cruising down the road to developing an elearning lesson, it’s important to answer some key questions about it. This will help you avoid pitfalls further down the road, and help match what you create with the needs and expectations of your client.

The below link takes you to a template I use to scope new projects. Whether you’re a developer or a project manager, answering all the questions within it will give you a very good idea of what and how you need to complete your project. Keep in mind though that this is only an initial list of questions. You’ll need to answer more questions as you proceed through your project, but I’ve found this to be an excellent resource when working on elearning projects. I hope you will too.

Initial Questionnaire for eLearning Development

Please feel free to take this template, redesign it, add to it, and otherwise do what you like with it. Also, if you have any comments, improvements, or additions for it, I’d love to hear about them. Always looking to improve my process. 🙂

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