iPhone Mobile Learning Template Now Available!

iPhone Mobile Learning Template Now Available!

Huzzah!  Our new mobile elearning template is now ready for preview and purchase.  More info below.

Preview the Template Visit the Product Page

The iPhone Mobile eLearning Template provides a professional framework for common elearning interactions and quiz questions.  It is specifically optimized for the screen resolution and settings of the iPhone, and for full-screen landscape oriented viewing in the Safari internet browser.  The template was built using Adobe Captivate 7, so you’ll need Captivate 7 or better to edit the source files.  You can purchase or download a 30-day trial version of Captivate from http://www.adobe.com/products/captivate.html.

The template has been created for publishing in HTML5 or Flash.

Use this template to learn Captivate 7, and to design and develop your own elearning modules. Here are some of the features included within this template :

  • Optimized for delivery on the iPhone.
  • Contains 24 slides including 8 quiz question types (e.g., matching, ranking, multiple-choice), and 25 interaction templates.
  • Contains instructions you can reference as you develop in Captivate 7 for repurposing the slides.
  • Connects to any TinCan, SCORM, or AICC compliant LMS for tracking completion and scoring.
  • Has repurposable drag-and-drop, rollover, touch-to-reveal, video, audio, graphic, and other page templates.
  • Has a table of contents for quick navigation.
  • Randomizes the order of answers in quiz questions and pulls random questions from question pools, ensuring that no two quizzes are exactly alike.
  • Has ability to download and/or print quiz results and course slides.
  • Contains source files for an HTML5 version of the template that includes only the content that is compatible for HTML5 publishing in Captivate 7.

If you ever have any questions or issues related to this template, please contact us at info@thelearningsmith.com and we’d be happy to help.

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  • Brian

    Is this one similar to the non iPhone template?

    And will it work on Android phones and tablets, as well as iPads of all size windows?

    • This template is similar to the non-iPhone elearning templates in terms of its design and functionality. It will also work on Android phones, tablets, iPads, etc., but was specifically optimized for the iPhone 4s.

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