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Value Stream Mapping & Transformation Planning

Length: 45 minutesComplexity: Standard

Without a detailed roadmap to achieve strategic objectives, a company will wander slowly and ineffectively towards its goals. To achieve your business objectives, a plan of action must be created.

Strategy Deployment

Length: 45 minutesComplexity: Standard

Before a site adopts Strategy Deployment, employees may be working hard, but their efforts are not unified behind a common business strategy. After Strategy Deployment is in place, everyone is focusing their combined efforts toward achieving the company’s strategic objectives.

Problem Solving (8-Step RCCM)

Length: 45 minutesComplexity: Standard

Enable yourself and your team with a consistent and effective approach to problem solving. The 8-Step Root Cause Countermeasure (RCCM) process and tools provides a standard, data-driven approach for identifying the root causes of problems (not just their symptoms), and then eliminating these root causes. Disciplined use of 8-Step RCCM will make you and your team better problem solvers and result in significant improvements in your operations.

Visual Management & Managing for Daily Improvement

Length: 45 minutesComplexity: Standard

Visual Management tools and principles help everyone identify abnormalities by placing in plain view key information, materials, and indicators of each process's performance. MDI (Managing Daily Improvement) establishes daily routines for problem solving and continuous improvement. The combination of Visual Management tools and principles, and Managing for Daily Improvement (MDI) disciplines leads to continual and consistent improvement within each cell, value stream, and site.

Standard Work

Length: 45 minutesComplexity: Standard

Before a work area has Standard Work the work is scattered and disjointed with logjams holding up the process. After a work area has established Standard Work these logjams are eliminated, material inventory is decreased, and the quality of the products improves. Standard Work creates stable, consistent, and predictable processes. It creates a starting point that can then be improved upon through the ongoing elimination of waste from the process. Standard Work defines what is normal, which means abnormalities (waste) easy to identify.

Workplace Organization (5S)

Length: 45 minutesComplexity: Standard

Before a site establishes Workplace Organization and 5S principles, products, materials, tool, and inventory litter the shop floor leading to a lot of wasted time trying to locate the tools and materials operators need to do their job well. A disorganized site leads to wasted time, effort, and inventory, and increases the risk of slips, trips, falls, and other injuries.


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