Captivate 7 eLearning Template

Captivate 7 eLearning Template

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When learning to create elearning, it’s much easier to start with a finished course and transform it into your own course than it is to start from scratch. The Adobe Captivate 7 eLearning Template is a fully-functional elearning course that contains dozens of slides and question templates that you can use to create interactive and engaging elearning. The corresponding YouTube video tutorials and developer notes provide detailed instructions for setting up an elearning course, creating slides, and developing page elements.

The template was built using Adobe Captivate 7, so you’ll need Captivate 7 to edit the source files.  You can purchase or download a 30-day trial version of Captivate from

The template has been created for publishing in Flash and HTML5 compatible versions.

Here are some of the features included within this template :

  • Contains 41 slides including 9 quiz question types (e.g., matching, ranking, multiple-choice), and 25 interaction templates.
  • Contains instructions you can reference as you develop in Captivate 7 for repurposing each slide.
  • Connects to any SCORM or AICC compliant LMS for tracking completion and scoring.
  • Has repurposable drag-and-drop, rollover, click-to-reveal, video, audio, graphic, and other page templates.
  • Has a table of contents for quick navigation.
  • Randomizes the order of answers in quiz questions and pulls random questions from question pools, ensuring that no two quizzes are exactly alike.
  • Has ability to download and/or print quiz results and course slides.
  • Contains source files for an HTML5 version of the template that includes only the content that is compatible for HTML5 publishing in Captivate 7.

If you ever have any questions or issues related to this template, please contact us at and we’d be happy to help.


The Adobe Captivate 7 eLearning Template provides a professional framework for common elearning interactions and quiz questions. The template was built using Adobe Captivate 7, so you’ll need Captivate 7 or higher to edit the source files.  You can purchase or download a 30-day trial version of Captivate from


4 reviews for Captivate 7 eLearning Template

  1. Alexander (verified owner)

    Excellent product, It´s all I needed to build my courses, it has all the elements needed to create a very professional looking online course. It saved me months of hard work, I don´t think anyone could find a better captivate template in the market. Superb, I give them 10 out of 10. Congratulations TheLearningSmith.

  2. debglennlong (verified owner)

    In my opinion, this is the best Captivate 7 template on the market! Here’s why: (1) You get the source code that you can learn from and/or experiment with since this is a fully functioning Captivate project that you can modify to your heart’s content; (2) The developer notes are worth their weight in gold because they help you avoid pitfalls that even the Captivate 7 manual doesn’t tell you about; and (3) You can follow along with the online tutorials, but also go beyond that to discover different design and functionality approaches.

    I can’t imagine a better resource for beginners since this template has a variety of Captivate functions (interactive elements, video, quizzes, etc.) built right in. Even as an experienced user who just wanted to learn more about HTML5 output, this is the best investment I could have made and it has literally saved me several hours of time. I wish that I could give it more than 5 stars…the template is really that good!

  3. Brian (verified owner)

    The templates are really good bang for the buck. They make learning and using Captivate easily.

    And with the follow up email support from Dustin and co. you can’t go wrong. I’m very impressed.

    They’re very knowledgeable and ready to fix your problems or give you strategies on how to complete your web projects.

    Keep up the good work. – Brian M.

  4. (verified owner)

    Big bang for the price! I think that Dustin did a great job with this tutorial, and was also available for a few questions via email.

    Being able to have access to the actual code within Captivate 7 made all the difference for me.

    Brilliant! And, thanks a bunch, Dustin!!

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