Video: Designing a Project Template for Adobe Captivate 7

Video: Designing a Project Template for Adobe Captivate 7

The next video in the series teaching people how to create their own Adobe Captivate 7 Template.  To purchase or preview our Adobe Captivate 7 eLearning Template, click the buttons below.

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This video walks through how to design a project template for your Captivate course.

What’s a project template?

Simply put, a project template is the underlying design that carries throughout the entire course, and is composed of the elements that are on every single page of the elearning course. For example, the header, footer, logo, background, back and next buttons, course title, page title, page number, and Table of Contents are usually elements included in the project template.  They exist on every single page of the course.

The video walks through how to gather style guidelines for the look and feel of the project.  Often times we can get scared starting from scratch on a new project because it feels like we could design just about anything, but that’s rarely the case.  If you’re designing something for a client you almost always have to follow certain design guidelines.  So your first goal in designing any elearning is to find out what the style guidelines are for the design.  What colors, fonts, graphics, elements, and formatting are you required/allowed to use and in what ways can you use them (e.g., drop-shadows, gradients, etc).  These guidelines and limitations help narrow you in on a design, and break through “designer’s block”.   Let’s just say that’s a thing.

Anywho, hope the video’s helpful.  More to come.


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