What is HTML5?

What is HTML5?

What is HTML5?

HTML 5 ImageSo what’s all the fuss about HTML5? Put simply, HTML5 is the new coding standard for the internet which provides far greater support for web applications and interactions than ever before. Translation: simpler development, greater cool factor, greater connectivity, more powerful websites.

HTML5 is still quite new so some of the links you may need to view in Google Chrome in order for them to operate well, but here are some helpful presentations, tutorials, and other stuff related to HTML5.

Dive Into HTML5 – A rather succinct and well-written explanation of HTML5 and why it’s so nifty. A good reference for the non-developers out there.

HTML5Rocks.com – Tutorials geared more toward the development and standards of HTML5.

Presentation: HTML5 Web Development to the Next Level – An interactive presentation that lets you play with many of the new features of HTML5. (You’ll need to open this in Google Chrome to use all the interactive elements. Other browsers don’t support all of the HTML5 features quite yet.)

HTML5Gallery.com – Check out a growing gallery of HTML5 websites.

Hope you find this somewhat enlightening at least. Now, if only I had a little time to delve into some of my own development.

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