Results-Based Training Solutions


We help corporations develop results-based training systems and solutions that provide their people with the knowledge and skills they need.


We specialize in transforming complicated concepts into simple, user-friendly tools and training so your people can do their work more effectively.  Our solutions include eLearning courses, video tutorials, mobile applications, presentations, and print or digital job aids.


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    From strategy to delivery, we help our clients design a training strategy that supports their corporate objectives, hire the right training talent, standardize processes, design curricula, develop training solutions, and integrate it all with learning technologies. Here's what a few of them had to say.


    • Andrew P
      The Learning Smith is without question the dream team of sales training instructional design. I’ve never seen such high quality, polished content delivered at lightning speed. The Learning Smith goes beyond simply creating teaching materials, they carefully consider how students learn and what materials and methods will most effectively help individuals achieve their academic goals. I highly recommend your Sales Training leader partner with them to quickly boost effectiveness and drive results.
      Andrew P
      Senior VP Sales & Marketing at Aramark
    • Kris H
      I can't recommend The Learning Smith highly enough. I first worked with them at Marvin, where they stepped in to augment our team's skillset and capacity. With their partnership, we wound up re-setting the standard for product launches and creating a set of best practices that we scaled across future launches. Fast forward to present day... we worked with The Learning Smith on a project at Gemini and wound up taking their guidance to implement tools that have helped our Training team become more effective. Whenever I've had the good fortune of working with The Learning Smith, they have consistently over-delivered!
      Kris H
      VP of Customer Experience at Gemini
    • Sarah K
      The intangible and unexpected benefits we obtained from our partnership with The LearningSmith were equally as consequential as the project deliverables we hired them to provide. While keenly focused on the specific project outcome, Dustin has this sneaky way of elevating his clients along the way. Dustin became a true expert in our business. He was unafraid to challenge decisions to ensure the tools he created for our LMS were accurate, sustainable and world-class. Dustin is a true gem in the business.
      Sarah K
      Category Director & General Manager at Lifetouch
    • Tom P
      The Learning Smith supported my team in developing training materials for our Lean Continuous Improvement transformation. They were masterful in interviewing people to understand the content, then developing compelling, visual materials with simulations and testing. That really helped accelerate our adoption. I’d highly recommend them.
      Tom P
      Chief Operations Officer at Xylem
    • Didier R
      I had the privilege to use The Learning Smith's services over the course of several years. They designed, developed and produced highly effective e-learning modules to educate thousands of employees to Lean tools and techniques. Top notch quality work and working collaboration.
      Didier R
      VP & Executive Lean Sensei at MHealth Fairview
    • Don C
      The Learning Smith has produced some of the most professional trainings I have seen in my 35+ years in Operations. Their work is very user friendly and widely accepted by all those that have used it for their site trainings. They have a keen understanding of the Lean/Operations Excellence process and develops tools that make it easy for the executives, site leaders and site associates to use and understand. I would recommend their services for anyone who is looking to develop eLearnings and training tools for your Lean Transformations. They are the best!
      Don C
      Chief Operations Officer at Apex International
    • Glen B
      I am very fortunate to have teamed up with The Learning Smith to create e-learning content for Pentair's global enterprise. Dustin is a rare talent who quickly grasped the ideas of lean and strategy in a holistic way and still payed attention to minor details. He combined creativity and a 'can-do' attitude that delivered exceptional e-learning --- he has my highest recommendation.
      Glen B
      VP Continuous Improvement at Culligan International
    • Molly R
      I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Learning Smith on a few projects and they are a joy to work with. They quickly grasp the objectives, vision and desired impact of our courses and execute on them flawlessly. Their work is top notch!
      Molly R
      Learning & Development Specialist at Pentair
    • John C
      I have worked with The Learning Smith for several years. They bring an innovative approach to content design and produces high quality products that connect with and engage learners at multiple levels of an organization.
      John C
      Director of Lean at MHealth Fairview
    • Ann R
      We've partnered with The Learning Smith to create multiple education courses and each has been received to rave reviews both internally and with our customers. When the content is very technical, it seems that The Learning Smith is at their best - distilling down the information to communicate the issue at hand, developing animations or icons for visual learning and searching tirelessly to find videos or digital content to complement the information. I always have confidence when kicking off a project with The Learning Smith - you are assured it will go well and the final result will likely exceed expectations.
      Ann R
      Go to Market Strategist at Marvin Windows
    • Peter T
      We have partnered with the LearningSmith on several mobile app development projects and could not be more pleased with the results. From kick-off to go-live the projects were excellently managed and executed. The LearningSmith not only delivered on-time, they also trained my staff along the way and added several key insights and design points that made the end product even better than we had originally designed. If your organization has run across a design, development, or marketing project that exceeds your bandwith or expertise; I highly recommend the LearningSmith.
      Peter T
      Director of IT at US Stove Company
    • Shawna M
      The Learning Smith has been a great partner in creating effective and engaging online experiences. They are talented at design; use appropriate multimedia, incorporate learner interactions to meet learning objectives and have a way of conveying even complex information in a way that is easy to understand. I have appreciated that The Learning Smith is really easy to work with also.
      Shawna M
      Sr. Manager of Learning & Development at Danfoss Power Solutions
    • Jenny H
      I am pleased to recommend Dustin, and his entire team at The Learning Smith, for their exceptional work in the consulting industry. As a former client of his firm, I had the opportunity to work with The Learning Smith on numerous strategic projects, and I can confidently say that they are one of the best partners I have ever worked with.
      Jenny H
      Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Optum
    • Jessica S
      Dustin is a creative and resourceful leader that continues to execute a pace that far exceeds expectations. Dustin is not only delightful to work with, but has a natural energy that draws others in. Dustin has been a partner and a leader throughout his time working with me. I highly recommend Dustin to any leader that is looking for someone to help them drive for great results, find new ways of accomplishing difficult tasks and to create great partnerships throughout the process.
      Jessica S
      Segment Chief Human Resources Offiver at Pentair
    • Amy K
      Dustin is skilled at creating content that is engaging, evokes emotion and resonates with varied audiences on multiple channels. He is adaptable and responsive to stakeholder feedback and adjusts the content strategy as needed to keep the project moving, on track and on budget. He is a pleasure to work with and does a great job of communicating with all key stakeholders to ensure they are kept informed of project details and progress. I highly recommend Dustin and the Learning Smith Team!
      Amy K
      Director of Communications at GrandPad
    • Tom C
      As part of a team on a project, I witnessed TheLearningSmith’s talents and services first hand. Their ability to quickly digest complex processes and communicate effectively with cross-functional teams was quite remarkable. They were instrumental in streamlining the vision, navigating the development, and ultimately delivered game changing training content for our field team. Simply put, you and your organization will go faster and be better when you choose to partner with Dustin and his team.
      Tom C
      National Sales Manager at Lifetouch
    • Kendra K
      TheLearningSmith helped my team develop a learning management system and content. We were very pleased with the high quality and creativity of their work. They were easy to work with, reliable and professional. Would definitely work with them again!
      Kendra K
      Sr. Director of Strategic Growth at College Possible
    • Levi G
      I worked with The Learning Smith extensively to create several lengthy training decks for training internal sales and external customers on some industry-first products. They were a great asset in helping us break things down into consumable modules and provided the exact skill set we needed to successfully train our stakeholders.
      Levi G
      Product Portfolio Strategist at Marvin
    • Tania A
      The Learning Smith has a great way of parring education and fun. They help create a curriculum and share their skills for a team to learn how to become their own creator. I would highly recommend working with them. 5 Stars!
      Tania A
      Director of Customer Experience at Gemini
    • Jan H
      I absolutely love working with The Learning Smith. Their approach is based on theory, common sense, and customized to meet your needs. While they are helping on one project their process and questioning strategy spills over into other projects elevating so much more than just the 'one' project they are working on. They have the ability to quickly pick up the nuances of your company's products, language and systems. They are efficient and will not waste your time or investment.
      Jan H
      Manager of Give Back Programs at Lifetouch

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